Try A Little Tenderness (Comments)

Try A Little Tenderness (Comments)

December 2020 Journal article Try a Little Tenderness on a South African church

In that article, a young sick boy is brought to church by his cousins.  They asked the congregation to heal him.  While the details are touching, the practitioner who shared this article with us said it opened his eyes to his relationship with church.  He saw himself as the sick child and realized why he needs church.  Just like that young boy, he also needs a community of committed practicing Christian Scientists to heal him.  We all do.  We minister not only to ourselves and our family.  We also pray for our church community and all those that are part of it.  The support we each receive from church lifts us up every day and provides us all we need to satisfy our daily needs.  The structure of truth and love is not built by hand.  It’s built on a foundation of healing and tender affection between our members and for our community.

Jeff Beamsley – 12/3/20

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