Sunday School


Sunday School

Sunday School is about discovering how an understanding of God and Christ is relevant in our lives – how it fits into every day and shows up in everything we love to do. It’s an environment where one can feel totally supported. And, it’s an opportunity to talk with other kids and look for meaningful answers to issues that come up in our lives.

childrens-room-picOne focus of Sunday School is to deepen our understanding of the spiritually inspired Word of the Bible and apply Biblical truths to everyday experience. Three scriptural passages, in particular, are studied and reviewed periodically: the Ten Commandments, The Lord’s Prayer, and The Sermon on the Mount. These Bible “classics” have proved for centuries to be a moral compass and “true north” that are invaluable for navigating through life’s journey.

Our Sunday School is open to students up to the age of twenty.


Sunday School is our primary youth-focused activity.


Time4Thinkers is a diverse online community with a shared vision, “to make some spiritual noise in a world that really needs it.” Become involved in this unique community and find media, blogs and forums relating to topics  young people are thinking and praying about. Also, there is info about Christian Science on college and university campuses, summits and other events.

DiscoveryBound (DB), a division of Adventure Unlimited, serves young Christian Scientists and the greater community through fellowship in a dynamic, loving, healing and inspiring atmosphere, which encourages growth in an understanding of Christian Science and service to the world.


Christian Science Summer Camps
Leelanau and Kohahna, Michigan
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