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Church Without Walls

All that unifies us is all that is important and worth consideration and contemplation. The misconception that we can be divided, in the form of disagreements and personal points of view, needs to be faced and challenged, but let’s not spend our time there. Our unity has always rested in God’s love for us and… Read More

Kingdom of Heaven

The kingdom of heaven is here and now, it can’t be delayed or postponed and is not impacted by a pandemic. In Luke 17:21 we are told “the kingdom of heaven is within us”. so wherever we are the kingdom of heaven exists with us. If we meet in church the kingdom of God is… Read More


In this week’s lesson on Christ Jesus. I noticed something interesting. In I John 1:5 it reads, ” This then is the message we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, in him is no darkness at all.” To better understand this light I went to the glossary of S&H… Read More

Thoughts About Healing

Healing is what we do. It is a natural result of our prayer to better understand our relationship to God. It is at the core of our insight that God is all, God is spirit, and therefore all is spirit. Matter is the illusion. Prayer helps us align our thought with God. When we do… Read More